Focus on the areas of your game that will drive performance. Using your existing shot data we’ll give you — and your coach — meaningful insights that will have you drawing more circles on your scorecard.

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Circles helps golfers get better, faster. It's a shot data platform that provides new insights into your game, makes your practice more efficient, and gets you drawing more circles on your scorecard.

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Why spend hours working on your driving, when putting from 7-21 feet would lower your scores faster?

In just 5 rounds, Circles will show you exactly where you should be focusing practice. With regular play and practice our users drop an average 3.31 shots in 3 months.

Let's get you drawing more circles on your scorecard.

It once took a dedicated data scientist on every Pro player's coaching team to achieve this level of understanding. And it took the Institute of Golf data scientists years to build Circles.

But we cracked it for our Pros and Olympians, and we're exited to make Circles available to you for a fraction of the cost. We look forward to helping you improve your game, fast!

A simple approach

We've made Circles as simple as possible so you get the best results with the least effort.

Simply enter the par for each hole; the starting lie, and length for each stroke — we'll show you how.

The starting lie of each shot.
The starting distance to hole of each shot.

It takes about 7 minutes for each round you play — much less than other platforms.

Game-changing results

We identify the areas of improvement that will give you the fastest drop in scores; and training activities to get you there. As you continue to enter rounds, Circles responds to keep focusing on your next most important area of improvement.

Your coach is key

Your progress can be shared with your coach live; with an overview of the your performance in 90+ statistical categories for in-depth analysis.

Coach reports include strokes gained, score to par trends, improvement opportunities, and more. The reports help the you and your coach quickly understand how your development plan is tracking.

Advanced Analytics for Golf

Circles is built on artificial intelligence that's taken over two years to develop. But while making it was a little complicated, using it is very simple.

To unlock Circles insights, the player simply enters their shot data at the end of each round. All this requires are the par scores for each hole, and then two data points for each stroke:
The starting lie of each shot (eg. Fairway)
The starting distance to the hole of each shot. (eg. 247 yards)
Once this is entered the data is logged in the player's account, which can also be shared automatically with the coach. An overview of more than 90 statistic categories is shown in the player's dashboard, and the software identifies key areas for improvement, plus suggests training activities to focus on.
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Why spend hours working on your driving if it’s putting from 7-21 feet that would lower your scores faster? Within 5 rounds, Circles shot data will show you exactly where you should be focusing.

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Circles gives you insights that make it easy for you to understand your players' current performance level, identify key improvement areas, track their progress, and generate custom reports.

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Evaluate your game

Our free evaluation provides a comprehensive break down of your performance from recent rounds. Capturing objective data, including analysis of shot-by-shot performance, this enables you to understand your all-round performance level.

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Focused score reduction

Your evaluation outlines key improvement areas and opportunities. These are identified using our deep insight of your strengths and weaknesses, combined with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Working on these will have the biggest impact on your overall score.


Collaboration powers progress

You and your coach use these comprehensive insights to produce practice plans and focus areas that will reduce your scores, guaranteed.

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