Whatever you're aiming for.

Whether you want to break 80 or break into the big leagues, Circles shot data will help you get there.

Our free 5 round evaluation gives you and your coach an instant understanding of your performance, helps you develop a plan of attack, and ensures that every shot you play is helping you reach your potential.

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Easy shot

Entering your data takes just 5-7 minutes per round. A small amount of effort for rather big rewards.

Instantly identify
areas of opportunity

Circles breaks down your performance into 90+ statistical categories, then shows you and your coach precisely where to focus to improve the most.

30% more
effective practice

We'll give you focused target training and practise goals. Optmize your off course training to optimize on course performance.


Follow the structured insights and training 
for 6 months, plus average 2 practice sessions and one round per week, and if you don’t see improvement we’ll refund your subscription.

Josh Geary
above Male PGA Avg

Circles tells me precisely where my time should be spent while practicing... so I’m not wasting time in an area that won’t help me improve faster.

– Josh Geary, European Tour golfer

The inner circle

Scroll to explore just some of the features you can access during your Circles evaluation.

All features are available on mobile and desktop.

Quick and simple round entry

All you need is the par score of each hole, plus the lie of the ball and distance to the pin of each stroke.

Set your performance goal

You can benchmark yourself against goals that range from breaking scratch to being at the top of the Tour leaderboard.

Strokes gained radar

A simple visual that shows your performance versus your goal. This player is above their goal for their short game and approaches, but below in driving and putting.

Highlight areas to focus

Based on your performance, Circles will identify the 3 areas you should focus to improve most.

Suggested practise and goals

Circles doesn’t just show you where your opportunities are, it also suggests ways for you to capitalise on them.

Share with
 your coach

Your coach can access to more than 90 in-depth statistical categories. And you can contact our experts to help interpret your data at any time.

What to expect from Circles

Understand your performance level
Trends start to emerge
Circles unlocks insights, first coach report published
(and beyond)
Understand your performance level
Trends start to emerge
Circles unlocks insights, first coach report published
ongoing automatic analysis
Circles’ continuous improvement tracks your progress and evolves to push your game further
free evaluation period
free evaluation period
Stephen Liu
above Male PGA Avg

Circles helps me practice more efficiently as I know what I’m doing will translate to lower scores.

- Stephen Liu, AJGA tournament winner

A little gets a lot

Circles is designed to give you maximum results with minimum effort. All you need 
to do is enter the par for each hole and two data points:

It only takes about 7 minutes to enter a round, which 
is much less than other platforms.

And there’s a good reason that Circles requires manual input. Some platforms use GPS hardware to ingest data automatically, but they’re only accurate to within 12 feet. That’s not good enough to give you the details you really need.




Circles identifies the areas that will lower your scores fastest, plus recommend training activities to help you reach your goal. This data is recalibrated after every round, ensuring you're not wasting a single second on the range or the course.

Your coach is key

The more information you can give your coach, the more valuable they become.

Using Circles, your progress can be shared with 
your coach in real time, giving them an overview of your performance in 90+ statistical categories.

Reports include strokes gained, score to par trends, improvement opportunities, and more. 
These reports help you both to quickly understand how your plan is tracking, and how to get the results you’re chasing sooner.

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From there, follow the practice plan and see how 
Circles helps you improve your game.

After your trial, choose a subscription 
and Circles will start unlocking even more insights.

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