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Auto shot collection

Accurate and automatic shot collection means you’ll collect, track and store every shot you play.A small amount of effort for rather big rewards.

Performance Insights

We curate your vast amounts of on-course data and outline your strengths, considerations, and possible development opportunities.

Coach Connect

Automatic round and practice reports means you’ll provide your team with everything they need to help you be successful.

Score lower

We identify key focus areas, provide personalized practice goals, ensuring every minute spent on the range leads to improvement. We then mathematically model your performance, to produce a personal course plan to statistically play the course in the lowest score.

But that's not all...

App & Web-based

Circles is available across multiple devices. Simply download the App from the App store or log in on your computer from anywhere, at anytime.

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Manual shot entry

If you prefer to leave technology at home. Circles 5 minute, manual shot entry option is available on all your membership tiers.

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Continuous improvement insights

Machine learning and modelling is run on your shot data analyzed after every 5 rounds to keep you focused on the most relevant and effective areas.

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Training goals

Circles identifies the areas that will lower your scores fastest, and recommend training activities to help you reach your goal. This data is recalibrated after every round to make sure you're not wasting a single second.

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Coach connect

Your progress can be shared with your coach live, who will get an overview of your performance in 90+ statistical categories for in-depth analysis.

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Benchmark to your goals

Compare your performance on each of the metrics against the benchmark for that goal. This will show you how far away you are from achieving the level of performance required in each category to reach that goal.

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Automated reports

Collaboration can be key to success. Keep your entire team up to date with your round and practice activities automatically.

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Simulator integration

Circles insights, no matter the weather. Automatic shot data ingestion is available with selected indoor simulation companies.

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Performance trends

We care about your improvement over time, so have built in trend lines, which indicates, in all skill categories, how your performance is changing over time.

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Predictive modelling

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so we’ve developed Circles Performance Modelling. A personalized forecast tool for you to visualize how your current performance may affect your future performance. Creating meaningful motivated action.

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Strokes gained analysis

You’ll have access to full strokes gained reporting, in all skill categories.
This means that for every shot you hit, you’ll be assigned a score showing how many strokes you’ve gained or lost compared to the average of your peer group/benchmark, if they hit that same shot.

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AI & machine learning

Identify the three biggest opportunities to improve your game.
Circles looks at your relative strengths and weaknesses, which enables us to identify the areas for development. These focus areas are then prioritized based on how much of an effect the improvement will have on your overall score.

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Richard Woodhouse

I’m blown away by what Circles gave me insight into. The possibilities of this software and applicable training ideas are endless.

- Richard Woodhouse, 2 x Australian PGA Coach of the year

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