About Circles

With so many things you could work on to improve, Circles helps you understand exactly where you should focus to optimize your training and shoot low scores.

Circles is built for players who are motivated to improve. Circles have released features that provide players insight into their current performance, tools and plans to optimize training, to perform their best during their next round. The platform and exceptional customer support helps you develop a plan of attack to achieve your goals. Built by a team who’ve coached world #1 golfers, Olympic teams and athletes across most international tours, Circles culminates years of elite expertise, delivering insights seamlessly for users.

Where Circles stands alone is their “Improvement Opportunities” - advanced data science and machine learning to analyze your unique performance profile and outline the top 3 areas you should focus on, leading to accelerated score reduction. Along with their predictive modelling to show you where your performance is trending over the next 3 months, Circles is uniquely positioned to guide players on how to achieve their goals in the shortest amount of time. They’ve also released new features, such as auto-shot collection (WatchOS), that make them more accessible to more golfers and provide players with a personalised practice plan and course strategy to statistically shoot their lowest score.

While the algorithms are complex, the ultra-sleek, polished design makes the information easy to understand, with clear and actionable insights provided. It does the work for you, so that you can spend your time on improvement and not analysis.

Stand out features

  • Comprehensive performance understanding, with the ability to dive in and out of detail
  • Clear and actionable insights allowing players to optimize their performance
  • Automated sharing of your data with your coach or support team
  • Exceptional customer support and ability to request the team to help analyze the information
  • Bespoke practice goals and focus areas to help track performance in practice, with “focus areas” that identify the areas of your game you should focus on for improvement
  • Auto shot collection feature: Accurate and automatic shot collection means you’ll collect, track and store every shot you play, using the Apple Watch app. It will automatically record all your shots, and add them to your app - a small amount of effort for big rewards.
  • Course strategy feature: Circles mathematically model your performance, to produce a bespoke plan to statistically play the course with the lowest score.
  • Clean, easy to use design and user experience, available both on a web browser and mobile app (plus a new Apple Watch app)
  • Coach reports allow coaches to leave comments for players
  • 18 different benchmarks available to compare yourself to, from Scratch, to NCAA, to PGA TOUR Winner

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