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Performance optimization at your fingertips

The details that matter to get you drawing more Circles on your scorecard.


After every fifth round, we’ll curate your data, use AI and machine learning to identify your three key areas of focus to enable you to reach your goals fast.


We’ll show you how to capitalise on improvement opportunities in practice by building you bespoke training goals.


We’ll show you how to play the course in statistically the most optimal way for you.

Circles has helped me climb 323 world-ranking places in just 8 months.
- Ruoning Yin, LPGA Tour Player
Circles has helped me climb 143 world-ranking places in 9 months!
- Yuting Shi, LPGA Tour Player
Circles has been a secret weapon for the growth of our players since we switched over to them. We couldn't be happier that we made the change to their platform two years ago.
- Rob Shutte, Rutgers University Men’s Golf Head Coach
I'm blown away by what Circles gave me insight into. The possibilities of this software and applicable training ideas are endless.
- Richard Woodhouse, 2 x Australian PGA Coach of the Year
Working with the best players in the world means I need the best data and analysis to support their high standards…..I’ve found that with the Circles.
- Chris Mayson, Top 100 teachers
Circles has given me an insight into my golf game I had never seen before.
- Matt Howell, PGA Professional @ The National Golf Club. Tee It Up Podcast Host
Circles is the most comprehensive and intuitive statistics and player development program we have used in my time in college golf.
- Casey Lubahn, Michigan State Head Coach
I recommend Circles to all of my students. Circles gives you the details and insights you need to elevate your game!
- Jin Park, PGA, Korn Ferry and Epson Tour coach
I have been loving using Circles, it’s the stats program that actually gets you excited to do your Stats. If you’re looking for ways to better your game in the most efficient way or to make your practice sessions more productive, Circles is definitely the stats program for you.
- Stephanie Na, Professional Golfer, Member of the WPGA Tour Australasia & LPGA EPSON Tour (U.S).
Since I started Circles I’ve hit my goal of getting to a 7 handicap and now I’m evaluating how to reach my new goal of scratch.
- Brian Sapanski, Amateur Golfer
Circles is a fantastic tool to add to anyone's golf journey that is eager to improve.
- Justin Morley, Elite Amateur
I highly recommend Circles over any other platform.
- Elly Petersen, Elite Amateur Golfer
Discover Circles

Everything you need to achieve your best game at an affordable price

Auto Shot Collection

Accurate and automatic shot collection means you’ll collect, track and store every shot you play. A small amount of effort for rather big rewards.

Performance Insights

We curate your vast amounts of on-course data and outline your strengths, considerations, and possible development opportunities.

Coach Connect

Automatic round and practice reports means you’ll provide your team with everything they need to help you be successful.

Optimize Training

We identify key focus areas, provide personalized practice goals and connect your team with information to help you be successful, ensuring every minute spent on the range leads to better scores.

Course Strategy

With Circles course strategy, we mathematically model your performance, to produce a bespoke plan to statistically play the course in the lowest score.

Chris Mayson

Working with the best players in the world means I need the best data and analysis to support their high standards... I’ve found that with the Circles.

- Chris Mayson, World Top 100 teachers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Circles over others?

You’ll get better faster by accessing a team and product with world-class analytic and strategy capabilities committed to your success at an affordable price.

By collecting and analyzing data with Circles, players and coaches track progress over time and identify areas for improvement. Data analysis is then used to help coaches and players make more informed decisions, such as selecting equipment, designing training plans, and adjusting the swing. This leads to better performance on the course through personalized course strategy tools.

What support do I get?

We’ll provide you with everything you need to think and train like a high-performance athlete, and you’re never on your own with Circles. No chatbots here, just real people ready to help.

What does my subscription include?

All plans include auto data ingestion (WatchOS), connected coach accounts, and Circles chat support. Our simple pricing options are aligned with your goals and provide you with the support required to be successful. Check out our pricing page for more details.

What improvement should I experience?

Lower scores
Players report 30% more effective practice, with the average player scoring 3.3 shots lower in 3 months, and professions, a 19x return on their investment in 6 months.

Guaranteed results
Follow your structured insights and training for six months, averaging two practice sessions and one round per week, and if you don’t see the improvement, we’ll refund your subscription.

Activate your free trial

Enjoy course insights, training plans, coach connect, and course strategy tools.

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required

Free 14-Day Trial