Data-led Coaching

Circles is a shot data platform that gives coaches deeper insight into their players’ performance. With a wide range of valuable insights and tools, Circles enables you to be more precise with your lesson plans and more effective with your time. That’s better for everyone.

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Richard Woodhouse

I’m blown away by what Circles gives me insight into. The possibilities of this software and applicable training ideas are endless.

– Richard Woodhouse, 2 x Australian PGA Coach of the Year

How Circles helps coaches

We do the

boring stuff for you

Coaches reports... we know how painful that paperwork can be. That’s why Circles generates self-branded reports to share with players and parents. Less administration means more time that you can spend where it matters: coaching.

Increase revenue

Circles will increase the lifetime value of your students, moving from fix to development focus. It also keeps them more engaged, more likely stay with you long term, and more likely to refer you to new customers.

Add data science

to your team

Circles is more than just a piece of software. At any point you can contact a team of data experts who are dedicated to you and your players. This team can help you interpret data, offer tips, and much more.

Better results, faster.

Circles identifies the details you want about a player’s game, helping you to quickly hone in on what will improve their performance the most. This leads to more efficient practice and faster results.

Extra motivation

for your players

Seeing progress inspires people. Circles’ comprehensive stats, clear goals, and transparent results show players that the work they’re putting in is having measurable effects and keeps them motivated.

Know exactly what
your players are doing.

You can’t be with your players all the time, but when they use Circles, it’s like you are. Automated messaging lets you know exactly how a player has performed each time they play or practice. The results are published to your dashboard with a comprehensive report that helps you make decisions fast and keep them on track.

Increased player compliance

In the past, players have been reluctant to use shot data because it was complicated and time-consuming. So we’ve fixed it. Rounds can be uploaded in under 7 minutes, meaning it’s no longer a burden for players and you can get access to valuable new insights.

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