Discover Circles

Performance optimization at your fingertips

The details that matter to get you drawing more Circles on your score card
Auto shot collection

Accurate and automatic shot collection means 
you’ll collect, track and store every shot you play.A small amount of effort 
for rather big rewards.

Performance Insights

We curate your vast amounts of on-course data and outline your strengths, considerations, and possible development opportunities.

Efficient training

We identify key focus areas, provide personalized practice goals and connect your team with information to help you be successful, ensuring every minute you spend on the range leads to a better score.

Score lower

With Circles course strategy, we mathematically model your performance, to produce a bespoke plan to statistically play the course in the lowest score.

Circles helps me practice more efficiently as I know what I’m doing will translate to lower scores.

- Stephen Liu, Yale University player